Harold Hemberger - Master Stage Hypnotist - The SleepsterAs the CEO of a Rhode Island YMCA he deals in the reality of budgets and program. But on stage he’s the Sleepster and it’s your imagination that becomes his reality. Harold has performed his mind magic for thousands across the country from Rhode Island to California and fourteen other states. He has been the featured performer at national conventions in Texas, New Hampshire and Arizona. In addition to over seventy YMCA’s, his clients include many corporations, high schools, summer camps and not for profit organizations. Whether you are in the audience or you volunteer on stage be prepared to experience The Sleepster’s brand of mind gymnastics!

Harold has studied with some of the great stage hypnotists of our time including, Jerry Valley and Geoffrey Ronning, and the late Ormond McGill, author of the Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis. He is a certified hypnotist and is an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotist and also The National Federation of Hypnotist Local 104 AFL-CIO.

Harold's interest in hypnosis began at the age of six when his first grade teacher stated that he must have been in a trance when she explained how to do math. His interest remained dormant for forty years until he witnessed a stage show at a local fair. The performer on stage produced a trance in the show's volunteers and suggested they act like first graders. Although he still can't perform the math calculations he embarked on a five year study with America's top performers to produce hypnotic entertainment.

Harold's performances are rated family appropriate! His clients can be assured that the show theme and content will provide top notch entertainment, and not embarrass their guests. Whether you choose to join Harold on stage and experience a hypnotic trance or watch the magic from the audience, it will be a night to remember.