What they're saying:

If you want to captivate & delight any gathering of people then look no further. Harold's ability to hypnotize your friends and colleagues will have them entertain you until your sides hurt so much from laughing you wish it would end! (No - just kidding!) I've attended well over 150 trade shows and nothing compares to Harold's extravaganza for fun, laughter and team building. Very highly recommended!

Daniel Brenman, President, Airspace USA, Asheville, NC

Great fun! Appropriate for adults and families. The only sleeping going on was on stage. The show kept everyone else wide eyed in awe of "the Sleepster's" show.

Robin McDonald, Boston Massachusetts

"The Sleepster was hilarious. An entertainer has never made me laugh so hard"

Barbara Guilbeault, Greenville Rhode Island

"The Sleepster Show worked with a very close group of YMCA professionals maintaining proper composure while entertaining both the participants and the audience with wit, ingenuity and family oriented humor"

Christian Miller - New York, New York

"I've never laughed so hard in my life. It was amusing to see grown people act the way they did"

Gloria Silvia, Cranston, Rhode Island

"The Sleepster's show was absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend him for making your occasion unforgettable"

Shannon Riordan, Greenville, Rhode Island

I've seen some funny stuff in my life but I have to tell you this guy's show was a total belly buster. My sides hurt for a full day. I'm talking to the boss about getting this guy for our sales convention.

Bill Fenachor -Trenton, New Jersey

"The funniest show I have seen all year. The Sleepster is a master of his art and highly entertaining"

Amy Simonini, Warwick Neck Rhode Island

"This guy was so funny and he made my friends do really cool stuff"

Frank Pennett, Age 9, Exeter Rhode Island

"The Sleepster did a great job. It was fun. Thanks for a great show"

Dave Brown, Guilderland, New York

"The Sleepster, placed a group of 280 YMCA professionals in the palm of his hand for two hours of suspense and wonderment of what the human mind is capable of doing under hypnosis. Laughter, tears, patriotism and total enjoyment are only a few descriptors from an evening of fun and fellowship spent with the Sleepster. I recommend this entertainment for your special function. I haven't laughed this hard for as long as I can remember"

Mike Harrison - YMCA of The USA, Chicago Illinois

"I was amazed at how quickly Harold could hypnotize everyone to make for both a fascinating and fun show. It was hilarious to watch the silly things he could get people to do while protecting their safety and dignity. Harold is a true professional when it comes to hypnotism. Truly a lot of fun to watch and be a part of for everyone."

Harry Rock, Westfield Massachusetts

I had a ball at the Sleepster's show. There was just the perfect mix
of humor, mystery, and hypnotic skill. It was hard not to be amazed and made speechless by the hypnotic antics of the participants but it was harder not to laugh out loud at them. Harold's show is cunning and clever and hysterically funny.

Rachel Carpenter Providence, RI